Green Initiatives at Kroner Dry Cleaners

Green garmentoThe dry cleaning industry is always researching more efficient and Eco-friendly methos. As an industry, dry cleaning had reduced the consumption of Perchliororthylene by 86% in the last 20 years. This is largely due to improvements in the equipment made available to the industry. Kroner’s has installed the latest “state of the art” dry cleaning machine from the Union Company, made in the U.S.A.

The E.P.A. allows a 100 parts per million exposure level in the work area, with our new equipment we have an airborne emissions level at an average of 10 parts per million-ten times better than the allowed level mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We feel the following 3 methods provide us with the best results in garment care while addressing environmental concerns. Professional handling is one key to Eco-friendly dry cleaning:

1. SOLVON K4 cleaning technology (from Germany)

This process is earth friendly and biodegradable. It provides excellent cleaning performance…
leaving a great impression on your wardrobe and NO impression on the Earth.

2. Wet Cleaning

We also provide the latest technology in wet cleaning. This process is cleaning with water in a controlled temperature and computer monitors agitation to ensure garments retain their shape and are soft to the hand.

3. Steam Clean

Steam Cleaning is a labor intensive process that is completed by hand. It includes the use of stain removal with the applicable chemical using a steam table and vacuum.


Introducing The Green Garmento

No, it’s not a new superhero, but almost as good. The Green Garmento is a reusable garment bag for the conscientious customer that helps “green” your dry cleaning routine.

Get 2 for $12.00 (wholesale price to you), and say goodbye to unnecessary plastic bags!

Get yours next time you are in to drop off or pick up your cleaning, or call us at 513.661.1009

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